About the Designer

Kathy Stair, Floral Designer

Flower arranging as a creative expression is exciting to me on many levels.  I enjoy being able to use God’s live creation as an art medium.  Before I even start a project, I look at all the different flowers waiting to be arranged and marvel at God’s detail, diversity, and lavish display of beauty.

To add to the enjoyment of working with God’s living creation, I get to give beauty, a sense of importance and a reminder of the creator to weddings!  I enjoy arranging flowers for all occasions, but designing for brides thrills me.  To be able to participate in God’s safeguard for culture, the scriptural picture of the church as the bride of Christ, and the covenantal community at work, brings me to worship the creator/redeemer king looking forward to the wedding supper of the Lamb and longing to work with His creation in the new earth!