Posted by: Kathy | June 22, 2013

Whose Celebration is This?

 The answer to that question has ramifications on many planning decisions from   style to guest list.  Tradition says it may be the wedding of the bride and groom, but it is the parents’ celebration.  (That is why the traditional invitation is from the parents.)  Today, however, many couples are on their own and are paying (at least in part) for the celebration.  So the assumption is the celebration is owned by the payee, who gets to make all the decisions!  But is the tradition based on a monetary issue?  Is it not the celebration of those who have prepared the bride and groom for this moment?

One illustration would be how this concept shapes the guest list.  Of course, the guest list includes your families, but when you get down to counting heads for that reception who else to invite can get stressful.  If the celebration is for those who have prepared the bride and groom for this day, should it not include those who have been meaningful in the couples’ lives?  Some of these people the couple may not know well, but these people have been praying and walking with the parents for years.  So if it comes down to

the fun person in the office or the youth pastor from a long time ago, who walked and prayed with the parents, who will celebrate more?






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