Posted by: Kathy | June 6, 2013

Let’s Celebrate – Keeping Joy in Wedding Planning


As I explain in my Artist Statement, marriage is God’s gift to mankind in cultural protection and a picture of the bride of Christ.  Does that affect  our wedding ceremonies and celebrations?  It is easy to over react to over-the-top, budget busting, debt riddled, theme driven, contest winning wedding ceremonies with low key, minimalist budget, family only guest, “here is a cracker and a piece of cake – see you later” receptions, and (horror of horrors, from the florist perspective), artificial or no flowers, wedding plan.  But that is human nature, indulge and over react.

Of course, we can spend far too much money in trying to have the biggest and best, but in minimalist over reaction, my fear is that we are losing sight of the significance of the event!  What is the picture of the bride of Christ we are giving?  God spares no expense in paying for the preparations of the bride – the church.  And that is to be the picture to reflect.  When the church’s bride groom comes, there will be an extravagant feast, a lot of celebrating with invited guests who are appropriately adorned with clothing made by the groom, and all of creation itself will be there clapping hands at being released from the curse.  And I am sure that there will be lots of flowers there indicating the great significance of the wedding!

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