Posted by: Kathy | March 12, 2012


I received my copy of Equip to Disciple magazine, a publication of the Presbyterian Church in America’s Christian Education agency, and to my delight there were my flowers!


I had been asked to create stage arrangements for the Amazing Grace 360 Women’s Conference coordinated through the PCA Christian Education agency.  The 3-day, 4000 participant conference encouraged and challenged women concerning their God given creational design and purpose in the context of the overall picture of God’s redemptive plan, which included creation, fall, redemption and consumation.  (BTW, it was a wonderful conference, wish you could have been there)

The challenges for me were:  4000 participates = very large cave like venue, a large -but crowded with musical equipment- stage, and the event was 3 days long.  I needed to create arrangements that could warm a large cave and crowded stage and be seen by 4000 women for 3 days!  The color parameters were earthy green, brown, and an accent of purple. 

Purple ornamental kale and sunflowers were my choice.  Big flower heads that could stand up to stage lights.  (with a little misting throughout the week.)






The podium arrangement was actually 2 earth tone metal vases (seen above) that brought warmth and privacy to the plexiglass podium and, by off centered stacking the vases, brought deminsion.  A separate earth toned vase of sunflowers and bells of Ireland tucked into the curve of the piano brought sunshine and warmth to the stage full of musical equipment. 


I loved  the way the podium arrangement looked on the jumbo-tron!  They seem to say “Look up here…something important is being said!”


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