Posted by: Kathy | December 28, 2011

Christmas – Taking Time to Smell the Evergreens!

It is Christmas and time for another holiday flower arrangement.  Even when I am overloaded with Christmas ‘chores’ – bringing out the house decorations, putting up and decorating a tree, making candy and baking, planning menus, buying and wrapping gifts and at the same time involving my grandchildren in many of these activities (which makes them take twice as long), I look forward to setting aside time and being able to enjoy creating a Christmas flower arrangement for the dining room.  I usually try to create something that will last for at least a week or more so I can use it while celebrating, with meals with our friends, God’s promise of His presence from eternity past in Immanuel (God with us) and not have to totally recreate for Christmas day.

Evergreens (free in the backyard!) are a must.  Not only because they exude Christmas greenery, but they last ‘forever’!  This year I chose to use the  mercury vases.  Mercury is a modern take on traditional silver.  To keep the formal feel of a traditional  table arrangement, I chose white flowers.  Large headed flowers – so I don’t need many.  Mums – they also last ‘forever’.  For a little red – red poinsettia.


I chose some fir evergreens with a gray hue that beckoned to the silver color well.  I also gathered some gray hued dusty miller, lambs ear, and verigated ivy.  Then I saw some great lichen covered sticks that I thought would bring a woodsy organic feel. 



I wanted the arrangement to feel more like one low arrangement rather than 3 separate arrangements so I made the fir overlap between them and with silver wire attached the lichen covered stick.




I used the red poinsettia in the taller urn for the buffet table.  The poinsettia does not last very long in oasis, so I purchased a small pot and clipped ‘replacement’ flowers for the arrangement as needed.

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