Posted by: Kathy | December 14, 2011

The After Thought… “Oh and the Groom’s Boutonniere”

Traditionally, plucked from the bride’s bouquet, the modern boutonniere is not your grandfather’s button hole wedding flower.  Especially the groom’s boutonniere, today, can be very elaborate and large.  Actually, I am glad some artistic attention is being paid the the groom’s flower.  With some attention to detail, he  can look less like an after thought.

I like keeping the tradition of “plucking” from the brides bouquet and usually use the same prominent flower of the bride’s bouquet in the groom’s boutonniere, plus carry through other themes of the wedding where I can.


This boutonniere is “plucked” from a bouquet of white dahlias and mums.  The feel of this July, outdoor wedding was ‘artsy nature’, which is reflected in the boutonniere with the dried Queen Anne’s lace and the artistic use of encircled vines and angled grasses. 




 This bride carried Amarylis for this Christmas wedding, but Amarylis is a pretty big flower for a boutonniere, so we went with the white rose but the rest of the design mimicked the bride’s sheath bouquet with the collar of berries and baby’s breath.  Even the greenery  reflected the bride’s modern design of folded leaves and cut grass.




 This groom’s boutonniere has the same reds, roses, berries, and greenery as the bride’s bouquet.  The New Year’s Eve theme sparkles in the shimmering gold ribbon stem wrap and the gold corsage pin holding the leaf wrap together around the rose and berries just like the bride’s bouquet had gold balls in the center of the roses in her bouquet as well as on the ribbon wrap of the stems.

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