Posted by: Kathy | November 22, 2011

Copper is IN

I used these copper urns to hold the buffet flowers for Thanksgiving this year.  But I think they would look beautiful for a fall wedding.  Here I used traditional fall colors, but I think these would look great with pink, white, or green flowers.


I started with a low compact arrangement of Leonidas roses and green kermit mums with nandina for filler and draping.  To bring some celebration to the design, I wove copper wire all around it.  Wouldn’t this be striking, with different shades of pink and contrasting wire, for a wedding ceremony?



But this is Thanksgiving, and what is Thanksgiving without feathers?  Since my husband is a hunter, I have a profusion of pheasant feathers.









Look at these tiny copper containers that I filled with different color groupings and scattered around the Thanksgiving table.  This idea could be used at reception tables.  These small inexpensive flowers, when grouped, give a delicate but impressive impact.

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