Events & Celebrations

Conferences and Fundraisers

PCA Grace 360 Women’s Conference
Metal containers of ornamental cabbage and large brown eyed sunflowers for the podium and stage say, “look up here, there is something important being said.”
Westminster Camp Fall Fundraiser
Podium arrangement of fall blooms of Leonidas roses, orange safflower, Rover, millet, mums, and grasses in a birch wood container.  Fun guest table arrangements of mums, Leonidas roses, woodland floor pinecones, bark, sticks, moss, ferns, leaves and pheasant feathers floating in a wooden canoe.


Baby Showers
Do you see sugar and spice and everything nice? And snips, snails, and puppy dog tails?  Pink gerber daisies, baby’s breath, sugar cubes, and cinnamon sticks for the girls.  Blue hydrangea, porcelain puppies, snail shells, and turtles for the boys.
Boyish blue checked ribbons decorate these buffet arrangements and guest table arrangements  of white mums for a multiple boys’ baptism celebration.
Tulips in frosted bowls for this engagement party in Februrary.  The white tulips on the guest tables curve around a red tulip bloom inside the frosty bowl and peak out over the top, just like the first flowers in the snow.  A bunch of red tulips ‘nod’ to the cake on the festive buffet table.
Rehearsal Dinners
The mother of the groom wanted fall colors for the rehearsal dinner.  These tall glass pedestal vases hold hand tied bouquets of white wax flowers, Leonidas roses, orange safflower, millet, and bear grass.  Festive copper wire is looped throughout the bouquet.  This copper wire is wrapped around the stems for visual interest in the vase.

Tea Parties for Ballerina Recital

The theme for this recital incorporated fruit in the floral tea party buffet designs.  Kiwi, peaches, grapes, blackberries, plums blend with the flower colors.  What fun!






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